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Vista Instructions

Example instructions using Vista Print for Bulk, Single Sign Orders.  Direct link here.

Choose the styling as shown, but pick the number and size of your choice. Then click ‘Start Designing’ for the option to upload the image.

You should see the 1st block as ‘Upload Your Completed Design”. Choose that.

Use the ‘My Computer’ icon to upload the image(s). It will appear then on the left panel. Drag it to the the right and center it within the safety lines.

In order to receive assistance you need to set up an account so the assistant can see what you have so far, However, you don’t have to start over. Once you have them on the line they will guide you to the acct setup. Your work will be saved so you can also return to it later.

The price average for 100 single-sided signs plus cards: (June 2020)

(This should trigger free shipping to most larger centers)