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Misinformation You Will Hear:

But isn’t “Non-Ionized” radiation safe? The WHO says so.

    • “Many Governments are aware of the dangers yet they quote WHO’s misinformation to further their own economic agendas causing widespread illness, disease, pain, isolation, addiction, suicide, loss and despair.” (*1)
    • “The WHO is hiding the truth, misinforming the public, and devising meaningless safety standards.  It’s EMF Project receives funding from industry and is staffed by former industry personnel, the very industry from which it is meant to protect us.” (*2)
    • “This is not about the science.  It’s about control and vast sums of money.  5G is a race between super-powers vying for global domination.  A cover-up of the truth has been intentionally promoted, using manipulation of public opinion and scientific findings so that the wireless industry can proceed unimpeded.”(*3)

But I’ve read only the thermal effects cause harm.

    • “5G uses the same frequencies as stealth warfare weapons developed for crowd control, designed to cause rapid neurological and physiological damage.  Despite having all the same attributes, wireless telecom systems have been rolled out unchecked.”(*4)
    • “It has been possible to show that mobile radio radiation can cause damage to genetic material, in particular in human white blood cells, whereby both the DNA itself is damaged and the number of chromosomes changed.  This mutation can conse1uently lead to increased cancer risk.  In particular, it could also be shown that this destruction is not dependent upon temperature increase, i.e. is non-thermal.”(*5)
Further to points *1 – 5 mentioned above, and much, much more.  Video: The 5G spin, the deeper truth and what you can do. We must challenge those promoting harmful technology, violating our human rights, and deliberately hiding the truth about what’s going on. “WHO has seriously overstepped its bounds regarding wireless radiation, promoting a cover-up that is literally costing us the Earth.” By Olga Sheean

8 Misconceptions

  1. Misconception: The fifth generation of wireless technology (is) a necessity if Canada is to remain competitive on the world stage.
    FACT: The benefits of 5G are dubious at best, and are they worth the costs?  There has been no cost-benefit analysis of 5G to see if its consequences and risks, including the costs stemming from security and data breaches, environmental damage, liability claims, lost productivity due to radiofrequency radiation-induced illness, and increased healthcare requirements, outweigh its benefits.
    Driven by the belief that digital technology is neutral and therefore carries no unintended consequences or risks, politicians, policy makers, and society are ignoring the science-backed evidence that urges us to exercise precaution when investing in infrastructure that is wireless-dependent.

    Continue Reading to see the Facts regarding the remaining 7 points.
    Visit “The Calm” for a full document on these misconceptions and learn the facts.


  2. Misconception: 5G is key to profiting and benefiting from enhanced connectivity and “Smart Cities.”
  3. Misconception: 5G is the wireless industry’s solution to our ever-increasing wireless data consumption.
  4. Misconception: 5G will bring us the fastest Internet possible.
  5. Misconception: 5G technology will outperform traditional land connections in some cases, making home routers a thing of the past.”
  6. Misconception: More significantly, 5G networks are key to opening up the potential of the “Internet of Things” (IoT).
  7. Misconception: There are no Health Risks associated with 5G.
  8. Misconception: Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) regularly audits antenna sites to make sure they are safe.

“The overheated rhetoric is based on the misconception that 5G heralds a new era of services for end-users”

Tricity News Rebuttal and Responses:

In response to the May 7th, 2020 article in the TriCity News  (  which gave false assurance that there is no evidence of  harm from 5G or EMR in general) experts have written amazing letters pointing out the errors, omissions and false information in the article.


Response to the News Articles:

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: