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Candlelight Vigils

Inspiring Video Announcement for Stop 5G

Please enjoy and share the following exquisite three minute video by Ragna Heffermehl (Norway), announcing the Global Candle Light Vigils set for Dec. 20 and 21, 2020. The Vigils are a call for technology that preserves health, ecology, self-sovereignty and human rights. Not 5G.

Link to video:  

Ragna shares:

“On Winter Solstice there will be Lantern Lit Vigils across the world…to shine a light on the harm caused to wildlife and humans by Electrosmog.”

“This is our earth and we will protect it…as long as we are here.”

Candle light vigils are not difficult or labor intensive to organize. Even a few people can convey a message of care and intention to protect Earth from technology gone rogue.

For more information about the Candle Light Vigils, please visit, organizing a vigil, kindly send us the date, time, location and a contact email so we can post the event for others who may wish to join in. Send to,….And please do share this inspiring video announcement on social media, websites, and through email.Envisioning a heart-connected world to replace 5G.
Stop 5G International