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Author: 4MakingTechSafe

International 5G Protest Day

Join us and people around the world as we demand an immediate halt to 5G satellites & technology on earth & in space unless proven safe… as we call for safer and wiser technology options. Up to 100,000 low earth orbit satellites, complementary earth base stations & millions more cell antennasContinue ReadingInternational 5G Protest Day

Candlelight Vigils

Inspiring Video Announcement for Stop 5G Please enjoy and share the following exquisite three minute video by Ragna Heffermehl (Norway), announcing the Global Candle Light Vigils set for Dec. 20 and 21, 2020. The Vigils are a call for technology that preserves health, ecology, self-sovereignty and human rights. Not 5G. Link to video:   Ragna shares: “On Winter SolsticeContinue ReadingCandlelight Vigils

Beings of Frequency

“Recently a member asked me for something to send to a well-educated person who was not convinced about the dangers of EMR and “trusted” to some degree health Canada.  I suggested he watch this video which was circulated quite a bit a couple of years ago. We have many newContinue ReadingBeings of Frequency

Kelowna to be Canada’s first “real world 5G smart city

The City of Kelowna has agreed to be a pilot “5G smart city” — beginning with monitoring pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This is the type of “smart city” that Toronto rejected, based on concerns that privacy would be invaded. So why is Kelowna doing this? See Coalition Post: